Thursday, February 02, 2006

the sad story of my selkie

you came from the twisting convulsive sea,
from waves shattering on rocks,
you appeared there on the desolate shore

sleek, skin glazed,eyes leaking sea, and loneliness
you shivered,
and shed your dark slick sea skin.

you left your fin folk, your home,
your fate,
for the longing of me.

on knees, body aching and stinging,
from a new world that cut like sheets of broken stones,
you offered your skin to me.

i in ignorance, turned away,
scared you with an indifferent heart,
bloodied you with silence.

you suffered beyond mortal pain,
beyond the agony of the loss of sea,
beyond the gift of your very skin.

you ponder, skin partially slipped on,
you waver in the maelstrom,
red hair streaming,
eyes leaking,
wounds still oozing cruelty of tongues,
and selfishness of an ignorant heart.

the fin folk clutch at your feet
when the waves break upon you.
yet now, i understand that gift of skin
from my selkie,

now to late,
as the sea takes her.
and i stand 
sea braking against me,
eyes leaking,
wounds oozing,
aching in a world of sheets of broken stones,

the gale swallows my cry and plead for return,
and redemption.

the storm raged,
waves broke on the rocks
the shore remained desolate

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

my selkie

now on the precipice of the sea
red hair twisted in the rage and despair
my selkie weeps, into the sea.

eyes devoid of spring,
only barren winter laying over the irish green.

still the fin folk call her name
singing of the comfort and release that the sea will give her,
and the escape that she desires.

spray stings her face,
whether sea or tears, her eyes leak both.

heart snapping, bloodless from to many leaking wounds.

skin in hand, tightly embraced,the storm rages.
and she sways in the gale,
skin in hand,
longing to slip into it,
and into the healing embrace of the sea.