Friday, November 02, 2007

Mark Me

by f-cynyr ©

Mark me
make me a captive
with the ropes of
your voice,
open me with your mouth
and push me into
the prison of your hands.

Mark me
with the whips and clamps
of your lust
hurt me; with bruises and
swelling draw promises
across my back.

Mark me
burn my skin with
the heat of your need,
blister my passion,
singe my breasts with
your stinging slaps.

Mark me
with the imprint of your
hand and leather straps
bend me over, exposing
my dripping need,
then twist my nipples with
your pinching demands.

Mark me
from the beginning
of my bondage
to the core of my
peel the reason from
my love,
squeeze the appetite
from my thighs

Mark me
with your battering strokes
that swells my hunger
then draw red welts around
my tender longing

Mark me
with the cutting edge
of your cravings
tattoo yourself across
my aching surrender,
bring me to the depth
of your exquisite despair.

Mark me
with the sting of
your commands,
brand my obedience
with the black flame
of your heart of woe.

Mark me
beyond the bounds
of my flesh
tear the tender center
of my homage
and sear your print
into the yielding
plea of my eyes.

Mark me
as you blister
your brand across
my servitude,
carve your name
into my kneeling slavery.

Mark me
with the loving pain
of your dominance and
please, I beg you,
Mark me
with the iron
of your collar so
all will know
I am yours.