Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sub Song

by f-cynyr ©

This My Master, is
my song to You.
I give to You
this hymn of love
and devotion.

I give to You
my most
precious possession.
I give to You
my gift of
obedience, of body,
mind and spirit.

I long for Your hand,
I long for Your whip.
Most of all,
I long for You.

Cuffed and at Your feet,
helpless and vulnerable,
I tremble for Your caress.
I long to swallow whatever
You give.

Bound and chained,
my body is Yours.
I stay open for You
waiting for You to fill me.

Stretched and tethered
and roped,
Your hand brings me pain,
Your hand brings me pleasure.

I render my spirit
to You,
I long for Your firmness,
and Your throbbing discipline.

Collared and leashed,
I crawl to You,
to sit at Your feet,
to be Your pet.

You bind my body
with chains and rope,
but You unfetter my
spirit, You set
me free.
My desire I give to You.
My servitude,
You hold in your hands.

I am on my knees
for You,
there is no ordeal
of flesh or spirit,
that I will not bear
for You.

All this I willingly
give, for
You are my master,
my One.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Being Yours

by f-cynyr ©

I like being yours
when you tell me
to suck you
while at the movies,

I become wet, and throb
then lean over ,unzip you,
and quickly suck you
into my eager mouth,
heart trembling,
cunt gushing
from the thrill of
maybe being cought….

and maybe from
knowing I have no
choice but to obey.

I like being yours
when suddenly,
you bend me over,
and quickly push your
stiff cock into
my glistening cunt….

and I have no power
to say no, and
no will to resist.

I like being yours
when you use me.
I like being yours
when you bind me,
and hold me captive
to your will.
most of all
I like being yours
because I know
you are mine.