Monday, December 18, 2006

Agony of Our Love

by f-cynyr ©

Your dark yearning for the bliss of pain,
drove you to my bed of suffering and torment.
Your eyes pleading to find fulfillment
of your hidden desire,
you came to me to find the treasured ache,
to find the cherished hurt.
You came to me with a need for cuffs, and lashing.
You came to me craving the sweetest pain.

I took you and tied you and bound you
to my tortured love.
I stretched you upon my bed of thorns,
where you clench and twist, every muscle
drawn taut against my ropes.
You hungered for the lash,
for the kiss of every fall.
You begged for every stroke,
and pleaded for the pain.
You longed to savor the suffering.
You longed to adore the bruises.
You wished for the exquisite torture
that would bring your release.

I lash and lash with my flogger,
your body shivers and trembles,
you flinch with every affectionate sting.
Each lash bites into your desire,
leaving faint ghostly welts,
a satisfying thatchwork of
cruel caresses on your pure Irish back.
Each lash a cherished ache,
each strike a beloved discomfort,
each fall delivers you deeper into
the wonderful agony,
deeper into your worshipful suffering.
You ride the cascades of pleasure
into the darkest of your needs,
into the bitten heart of
your tormented rapture.

My flogger pauses and I know
I’m your Master, my Irish selkie.
I secured you to my will with harsh tenderness,
with the cherished bite of my crop.
I tied you to my wishes with exquisite pain,
bound you to my bliss with tender misery,
chained you to my hunger with each wound
of affection.
Now you are owned in so many ways.
Now you kneel before me,
your beloved tormentor.
Now you bow to me, collared and cuffed.

I lash and lash with flogger and crop
till you glow from the strokes,
till you are lost in the sweet agony,
lost in the excruciating joy,
till your lips throb and swell,
till your lust froths
and leaks down your leg.
I pause, and watch you drift,
then make you tremble as my hand and
fingers cool the burn and open you more.
You whimper, then thrash
as the searing tenderness pushes
you into the abyss of your lust,
into the depths of your darkest want.

You strain, lost in your hunger,
lost in the cruelty of love,
tangled in the suffering that brings
such angelic pleasure,
begging for me to climb
between your legs,
begging for me to use you,
begging to hurt you with my hardest love.

Your loins drool, then you grunt and cry,
your agonized body gushes as I enter you
as sharply as the falls of the flogger.
The tide of your urgency overwhelms,
your body convulses, then floods and
you spasm into your deepest release
and fall into your darkest desire.
You find tender pleasure in
my harshest strokes.
You have found your blackest
release in the heavenly hurt.
You have embraced your darkest need
and found your greatest bliss
in the agony of our love.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


by f-cynyr ©

Your moist loins
drew me in,
hardened me,
and I grew claws and fangs.

In the throes of your
I raked nails down your
white back
and sunk my teeth
into the round of your

I battered your body
till it was only heat
and moisture and need.

You gasped and struggled,
trying in your fury
to buck and twist me out and
off your back.

But my claws mauled your
tender breasts
and dug through flesh
drawing gasps of urgency
and raw red furrows
down your shoulder blades.

One hand pinning your wrists,
the other buried in your
mane of red hair,
pulling your head back,
as I thrashed you from behind
with my ridged body,
until you howled in
release and your
body spasmed then returned
from our feral frenzy.