Sunday, July 30, 2006

Forever Slave to Me

by f-cynyr ©

Your body softens under my hand
and your moist eyes plead for more,
as your naked back yearns for the
kiss of pain.
You jerk and spasm with every
loving stroke,
twisting and flinching as the flogger
licks and kisses your
tender and purpling skin,
which brings you trembling, to the edge.

With each stroke, your lips swell and glisten,
each crack of the leather tongues
licking white Irish flesh,
pushes you further,
deeper, into your lust.

Lost in the tingle of your body,
spiraling deeper to your
dark secret core,
my hand draws you back.
It denies you just yet that final release,
the surrender complete, each nerve moaning.
Your eyes and mouth
plead to me, longing for that forbidden zone.

You lie bound beneath my hands,
constantly begging for more,
mouthing the pain, mouthing the rapture.
In response to your whimpering plea,
my hand tenderly touches each swollen spot,
caressing each private throb.

Each stroke of the flogger,
each kissing blow brings you
closer and ties you to me.
Your wrists and ankles, bound as you are,
Bind you to me.

Your mouth calls me cruel,
but your body cries for more.

Each lash bites into you, and
your ecstasy becomes the
place I prepared for you.
Your body becomes the bruise I
Your desire I whip and stroke,
and each exquisite throb pushes you deeper
into the place that you crave.

Your wounds speak my name,
they call for my hand,
and leak the love I give.

Your body is a sore beyond passion,
a pain beyond lust.
You carry the scars of my love.
You carry the wounds of my tenderness.
Your mouth calls me love,
as you wince with my kind of caress.
The dark marks of your body
are the memory of my hand and passion.

Your breasts ask for my hands to
twist and pull until
your swollen lips tremble and leak with anticipation.
As finally, brutally, tenderly,
I push you over into that final descent,
till you are,
forever slave to me.,

Your mouth calls me cruel,
But your body yearns for my love.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

blow job

by f-cynyr ©

my hands tremble your body
you stand before me, open and moist,
nipples puckered and engorged with lust and anticipation
craving the sharp short electric charge
that rolls you to gasp
and tremor

longing for more,
mouth agape, lips slick and swollen
they glisten with fervor and wanting.

In your flowing delirium,
You drop to your knees,
Penance of you lust and devotion
Eyes glazed, face as pure as light,
You take the flesh jewel in pious clasp hands
Longing and praying for my
Pure white eruption.

Hoping to capture ecstasy
In you mouth, and swallow the sacrament.

You meld and become one with the flesh,
Surrendered to the driving rhythm
Of urgency;
Your lips, slick and eager, tighten,
You serpentine tong curls and
Thrashes in excitation, mumbling a prayer.

As urgency crests to the final blinding release,
And I topple, entwined with you,
Spent and released;
With my discharge your fulfillment
Is complete.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Discipline and Pleasure

You slithered, trembling and panting,
onto my lap
naked and enthralled,
filled with
trepidation and throbbing
electric expectation.

Your ass pure vanilla white,
bare, clenched in anticipation.
Passion and a deep soulful longing
had driven you to me,
but lust had made you crawl,
and a longing for the hand of
discipline made you stay.

Now across my knees,
you wished for release,
You wished for punishment;
To me you had surrendered
Crawled to my feet,
and begged for my collar;

Structure, and commands,
a leash and a crop to keep you safe.
punishment was what you craved,
a spanking was what you require.

Smack after smack,
moving from sting to arousal,
after the foreplay
and before the welts
each cheek began to glow.
to radiate the lust that you
squirmed to release.

Your body twitched and trashed;
rubbing and jerking,
trying to ease the itch
beyond the scratch.
Smack after smack
harder and harder,
louder, thudding and cracking.
each cheek glowing, radiating ;
Every so often between strikes,
Checking the heat, and the wet;
Starting to ooze with each blow.
Dribbling by the end,
squirming in anticipation.

You longed to transcend,
you desired it all,
but I knew the borders,
I knew the edge.
I knew to draw you back.
To make you wait.
To make you beg.

Flushed and peaked
eyes half shut with the hunger
I flipped you from knee to bed.
In an instant and a gasp I was in you.

Then a slither down your twitching body
tonguing you to thrashing explosion,
I had forever linked
Discipline with pleasure.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sunrise Denied

You new soul,
soulless in your
shadows and desperation,
longing to capture ghosts
beyond bone and halos
of light..
Yet that halo promise has wizened
in fingers and beseeching palms.
Light vacant eyes, mumble there sunrises
denied., in there dark passage
from flesh to ghost,
and find no one beyond
the rage of rain,
and the murmur of the suckling sea.

You soulless soul sing the hymns of
longing sea,
of deliverance from dust and
wakeless sleep.
So the fladulating eyes
peel the flesh , and bare the ghost
that sleeps curled in the
kneeling faith.
Along the lapping shore line
there howling and lamentations
awakes the moon , and tides,
embracing earth and loss.

But sea and moon
sleeps as one in the
torment of promises, and
promises denied.
The sea shifts and twists
to the sorrowful journey
and phases of the moon.
Until the tongue gives births
to sound, and hope.
The slow crawl of words,
tames rock and tree and sky,
words that capture a forest of choes,
tamed the upheaval, and illuminated
the once blank sky.
But now loss slips the tongues
that hold there peace,
and flounders in the devouring silence
as the hand of lunar light
gently baths the wounds
of the world .

Those wondering
lost in the sallow glow,
cry there faith to
an alien sky,
that rains nothing
but sharpened light
and empty wind,
find anguish in
a bottomless sleep.

The desert of the
flesh sleeps the sleep
of loss of harp, and paradise misplaced
as they twirl between
a silent sky,
and a devouring sea.,
longing to find the
world again.
Yet ghost is promise broken
only sea and rage of rain,
suckles flesh to dust,
and silences ,
the hymn of longing,
yet promises sunrise
and sleep with
an awakening.