Sunday, December 23, 2007

Your Uncommon Hunger

From the emptiness that you
Were, from the darkness
Of your desire,
From your secret yearning
Your body craved the pain.
In your deepest lust
In the depth of your passion
In the blindness of your need
Your body cried for the pain.

You stumbled through the
Light, staggered from day to day,
You tripped from bright into
The shadows of your yearning.
The ache in your spirit
The throb in your loins
Led you to hide from yourself
Led you into futile denial

The pounding behind your eyes
The wishes that you strangled,
The release that you denied,
You hid from your body,
You ran from your need.

Now it all comes so clear,
Now it all falls into place

The tenderness of your captivity
The longing bruises purpling
your back
The liberation of your submission
The affection of the flogger,
The loving irritation of the
Stinging cane

Your body and you hungered
For the warm bite of rope,
Your body and you collapse
Into your need
Torn and broken
You dance the sky
In your eyes
You offer your wrists
Frail and tender
You offer your wrists
To be cuffed and tied.

You are pulled into the hurt,
You are swallowed by the bliss
You fill yourself with the
Loving punishment,
And open your hidden need
To the pain of your passion.
You are whole now,
As you wrap yourself in
The darkness of your need
As you wrap yourself in the pain
Of your uncommon hunger.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Under My Spanking Hand

You squirm in the warmth
Of the reddening sting.
You twitch and tremble
Under my spanking hand,
While I, with practiced hands,
Hold you down,
Hold you steady.

The swoop and smack
Come swift and firm
As the burn seeps deep
into your reddening cheeks

Under rosy flesh
Muscle and sinew throb
Then loosen,
You relax and slowly
Turn to steaming liquid.

You wiggle, twist and writhe,
Knowing that disobedience
Will bring a thunderstorm
Of shuddering slaps.

You jerk and twitch,
Roll and quiver on
My rigid lap.
Your glowing
Cheeks beseech me
To tenderly caress
Their rising heat,
And test your
Soaking need.

You grow calm
As you grow moist,
Then wet, then drool.
A flush fills your
Face, your eyes
Glaze and sparkle
With stinging

My knowing hands,
Practiced and wise,
Caress and soothe
Then tease and toy.
Your mouth pouts,
Your eyes grow
Pained then tear.
Not from being spanked
But from my withholding of your
Stinging ecstasy.

Your mouth begs
For my hands to take you
And free you with
Their healing hurt,
To discipline you
Till your inner core
Gushes and your
Spirit trembles with