Thursday, November 06, 2008

I Gasp and Drew You In

My eyes cascade down
the flow of your neck
then clasps and suckles
the still pools of your breasts,
then streams down the smooth
Curve of your back,
To the shore line of
your hips

I gasp and drew you in,
embracing the dusty Vanilla
of your yielding body. I gulp
the dark cinnamon Of your
soothing legs That rock against
the clasping intake of my breath,
while fondling the whiffs of
Allspice and cloves
Of your earthy thighs,

your taste gushes into me
while the breeze of your eyes
disperses their vapors.
I linger on the stormy tang of
Your erect nipples.
The sweet mist of your
Hips and thighs dissolve agents
my tongues embrace and the sharp
billowing salt of your desire Fills
me as I move to the smoky
tart crease of your pungent Desire.

my mouth and eyes and breath
Feast on the dusty cinnamon and liquid vanilla
Of your curves and crevasses,
and devour the turbulence of
the heated blast of lips and thighs.

You twitch and melt,
As I swallow and gasp you in.
You dissolve and disperse
into my eyes and breath and mouth
as I fill my senses with your
Vision, and scent, and taste.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

You Fell Into Me

by f-cynyr ©

You fell into me
all hands and lips.
In an instant your mouth
memorizes my body
and I am consumed in
the pores of your flesh.

The tender pads of my
fingers travel the lines
and angles of your
torso and trace your
history from
collarbone to nipple

I stumble into the rapid
slide down your anointed
skin, to the folds of your
sharp pelvis.

I tumble onto you, hands
and eyes pulling
and pressing parts
of you to parts of me.

You fall into me to
be consumed by
breath and arms and
my parched gulping mouth.

In a moment of hands
and lips you are devoured
till only a fragrant wisp of
vanilla lingers
on my palms and neck
and in the pores of my
starving flesh.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


by f-cynyr ©

you danced the world
green when you held me
in the eternal circle of
your mouth. My hands
lingered between the hesitation
of your breath, and the blooming

of your eyes, then I tumbled
into the barren darkness.
The world was danced black
and gray, and in my ache
I hunger to be what your
endless eyes will see.

I craved and throbbed
for the quiet devouring
of your mouth, for the eternal
pause between your lips.
But I only found the cavity
of absence, as I fell into the
ligature of solitude.

still I suffer for redemption,
for you to circle me with your
encompassing mouth, until
the emptiness erupts to
dance again the world
blooming in the eternal
circle of your mouth

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Gift.

by f-cynyr ©

I was incomplete,
I drifted and wallowed
in the empty
encounters in bleak
collisions of the thud
and smack of floggers and
I was lost in the
hollow domination of
empty submissions, of fleeting
slaves and other impostors of

There was only boredom,
a listless time as my
eyes and hands and whips
sought more than
bare, blank backs,
of bare, blank faces.

There was despair in
my encounters,
nothing but fools and fakes
and weekend bottoms,
seeking only my
cuffs and ropes, and knots,
desiring only my flogging, and
spanking and binding.

My arm grew heavy,
my ropes grew slack,
I questioned the worth
of my mastery,
I questioned the value
of my dominance.

I was empty of the gift
that completes,
I was empty of the offering
that was beyond the asking.
I was lacking that true submissive
that would render all of her own accord.

But you, in your submission,
bowed and surrendered.
You, in your submission,
knelt and crawled
and gave to me your
very essence.

You came to me
kneeling not from
or punishment
or ancient house rules.

You came to me
freely bound,
bound and tied,
not by my will
or disciplining hand,
not by signed contract
or negotiation
or ritual,
not by discipline
nor the cruel strikes
of brutal training.

You came to me,
not reduced by pain
nor diminished by humiliation
nor cowered by sadism.

You came to me
and knelt and bowed
freely, willingly, lovingly.
You came to me
and rendered unto me
the gift beyond asking,
the treasure beyond taking.

You gave to me
the golden core of your
being that fulfills you in
the giving and
completes me in the accepting.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Violate Me

by f-cynyr ©

Violate my body,
shatter my solitude,
as you break into me.
Lash the longing
of my body,
knot each passion
and tie each dark
unspoken wish.
Give voice to my
shadowed yearnings,
that lurk, dripping
to be released.
Fondle my dreams,
roll them in your mouth
till they dissolve.

Invade me,
steal my will,
cuff my wrists,
chain my ankles,
bind me with your
hypnotic rope and
unfetter me to
float into space.
Bind me to your bed,
roped to your will,
struggling just strong
enough to be held tight.

Play with my desire,
handle my thirst,
fill me with your
rigid dominance and then
flog and whip my
intimate vanity.
Fill me up and
spill over me your white
liquid gift,
then bruise my heart.
Use your rope and
ensnare my body,
tie my hands and feet,
fasten me to your hunger,
truss me to your raging need,
ligature my heart, then
stretch me across your appetite.

Draw welts across
my back,
whisper to my skin,
the pleasure of the pain.
Give voice to the
ache that twists
me to flame,
let the falls of the
flogger kiss away
my pretence.

Invade my body,
peel me down to
my throbbing submissive
center, then take away the
shedding skin.
Finally, enslave me to
set me free.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Discipline and Pleasure

by f-cynyr ©

You slithered, trembling and panting
onto my lap.
Naked and enthralled
filled with
trepidation and throbbing
electric expectation.

Your ass pure vanilla white,
bare, clenched in anticipation.
Passion and a deep soulful longing
had driven you to me,
but lust had made you crawl,
and a longing for the hand of
discipline made you stay.

Now across my knees,
you wished for release,
You wished for punishment;
To me you had surrendered.
Crawled to my feet,
and begged for my collar;

Structure and commands;
a leash and a crop to keep you safe.
Punishment was what you craved,
a spanking was what you require.

Smack after smack;
moving from sting to arousal.
After the foreplay
and before the welts
each cheek began to glow,
to radiate the lust that you
squirmed to release.

Your body twitched and trashed;
rubbing and jerking,
trying to ease the itch
beyond the scratch.

Smack after smack
harder and harder,
louder, thudding and cracking.
Each cheek glowing, radiating;
Every so often between strikes
checking the heat, and the wet;
Starting to ooze with each blow.
Dribbling by the end,
squirming in anticipation.

You longed to transcend,
you desired it all,
but I knew the borders,
I knew the edge.
I knew to draw you back.
To make you wait.
To make you beg.

Flushed and peaked
eyes half shut with the hunger
I flipped you from knee to bed.
In an instant and a gasp I was in you.

Then a slither down your twitching body
tonguing you to thrashing explosion,
I had forever linked
Discipline with pleasure.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


by f-cynyr ©

my hands tremble your body
you stand before me,
open and moist, nipples puckered
and engorged with lust and anticipation
craving the sharp short electric charge
that rolls you to gasp
and tremor

longing for more,
mouth agape, lips slick and swollen
they glisten with fervor and wanting.

In your flowing delirium,
You drop to your knees,
Penance of your lust and devotion
Eyes glazed, face as pure as light,
You take the flesh jewel in pious clasp hands
Longing and praying for my
Pure white eruption.

Hoping to capture ecstasy
In your mouth, and
swallow the sacrament.

You meld and become one with the flesh,
Surrendered to the driving rhythm
Of urgency;
Your lips, slick and eager, tighten,
Your serpentine tounge curls and
Thrashes in excitation, mumbling a prayer

As urgency crests to the final blinding release,
I topple, entwined with you,
Spent and released;
With my discharge
your fulfillment
Is complete.

Friday, March 07, 2008

The Dance In The Garden

by f-cynyr ©

In the musk of the garden,
the fire throbbed,
you held me in your grip,
your hand pulled and led me
and you twirled me.
I longed for you
in that smooth swaying night,
and you danced me to the other side.

The fire flared and rustled,
you swirled and undulated,
binding every part of me
with your succulent web of flesh
in the snug enfolded night.

In the aromatic garden,
the fire popped and cracked,
you held your lips open
and I placed mine on
your swollen throbbing crease;
slowly I entered and
you held me
in the moist mouth of the night,
and danced me to the other side.

Secret and soft,
you made me thirst for you.
I sat and drank you in,
lapped you, swallowed you,
in the fluid dark of the garden,
in the liquid ripples of the night.

In the perfumed garden,
the fire smoldered,
glowing and dimming.
Your white sea foam arms
enveloped me,
you cascaded your red hair
and allowed me to reach
and clasp and clasp again,
the curving swell and
heave of your breasts,
in the dark suckling night.

The fire flared and reared,
as you swayed in the heat.
You trapped me in you,
snared by lust and by
eyes of spring
and I, finding release
filling you as I emptied myself,
and we waltzed close and warm
in the satiating glow of the night.

In the failing aroma of the garden,
the fire dimmed, cinders glowed,
the slow moving air transformed you
and tightly swaddled us.
You held me
till the failing coals
crumpled to ash
and the breaking light
streaked the pallid sky
and you carried me
as your dance
danced us to the other side.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Your Wet Flames

by f-cynyr ©

My fingers tangle in
the raging embers
of your lust,
the wet heat of your lips
travels the ridged length
of me as I push into You.

The harder my fingers
tear at your blaze
the deeper you drew
me in. Your liquid flames
surround, consume,
gently pull and squeeze
and in there urgency
devour all of me.

Your surrounding lips
heat me to combustion
and I pull and push harder
at your flames, and the
cauldron of your need
rages to the root of
my length.

In your inferno
you drew all of me out,
and pull and grasp till I’m
empty, and your swollen
lips glistening, swallow
the completion of me,
lapping my white release
until I have satiated
your wet flames.

Friday, January 04, 2008

You Remained My Submissive.

by f-cynyr ©

Between the leather
and the stilettos,
the agony and the
waiting, through the longing
and the questing,
you remained my submissive.

Between the pain and the cane,
through the tears and the
training, bowed and on your knees,
you remained my submissive.

Between the shackles and the cuffs,
through the dungeons and the
darkness, your wanting eyes
pleading for more,
you remained my submissive.

Between your breasts and
your collar, through the spanking
and the floggings,
you whispered your obedience,
and remained my submissive

Between the nipple clamps
and the piercing, from the
swelling welts and the purpling bruises,
you crawled and begged,
and remained my submissive.

From the bites and the hair pulling
from the scratches to the cuts,
unwavering you followed,
and remained my submissive,

After the humiliation, after the facials,
after the whipping and the slapping,
you still opened to me,
and remained my submissive

After the binding and the caging,
after the oral and anal
you still clung to me
and remained my submissive.

After all the training,
after all the pain,
after all the beatings
after all the scenes
after it all, you allowed me
to be your dominant, and you
remained my submissive.