Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Hunger of Rope

by f-cynyr ©

the hunger of rope traverses
the needs of your flesh,
binds your desire and
quickens your descent
into submission.
the calm of captivity
unfetters your longing
and lures you to the
nucleus of your lust.

the yearning of rope traverses
savory skin, cinching
pulsing wrist to pulsing wrist,
manicaled you unfold, uncrease
and bloom into bondage.

the drudgery of your vanilla boredom,
peels away as the stinging
grasp of rope bites your
willing surrender then aches
you into your core of craving.
the shackles of your life
fall away and you splash
into the cauldron of your need

the fingers of rope slither across
alabaster breasts, tracing the
frail pulse of veins throbbing
under your dreams of bruises .

the tongue of rope
traverses your abandonment
licking stiffened nipples.
your breath gasps
as moist tongues bind tight,
pinching tender longing and
swelling hunger.
tied and cinched, roped and
knotted you tumble free
into the depths of your appetite

the hunger of rope devours
your thighs and legs, spreading
and holding them secure.
the scraping caress of
incessant rope traverses
hips and pelvis binding
the trembling hunger of
pink lips dewing before
their liquid discharge.
moored by rope, your
body releases its tide
that swells and crashes
on the sharp shoals of your hips

your body held taut,
mummified by loops
and braids that capture
submissive flesh, shackles
you in its hypnotic
tendrils, freeing you
to escape to your tao.

the rope hums its power
though your limbs and
eases you from the prison
of your body.
the hymn of rope pulls
you from your flesh,
and carries you safe
cradled in cuffs and ties,
swaddled in string and twine.
trapped by rope, your
inner ache revels in the
liberation of confinement

the biting touch of
rope delivers you from
despair, frees you from your
solitude of flesh.
tangled in bondage your
spirit soars to your dharma