Saturday, September 15, 2007

Inferno: Fire Play.

by f-cynyr ©

I am the darkness that
flows under your skin
I am the abyss of the hollow
of your eyes,

you were lost and nameless
in your flight,
through the blazing air
you tumbled into me,
you lost your luster,
and you lost your sight.

now in the blindness
of your flash,
you found yourself
in the heat of my breath

now your tender wings
are ablaze I burned them to
a cinder and you remain
blistered and scorched at the

it was the hunger in your
your blackened desire
that dragged you into me,
and it’s your burning thirst
that keeps you on your knees.

my kiss is combustible
my tenderest cures a flame,
you feel my sickness with every
fluttering touch, you feel
my disease with every fiery embrace.

my scorching fire brought
you soothing joy,
and the weeping of throbbing release
the blood and blisters on your
back are only a whispering for more.
now your flesh bathes in the flames
now your body embraces the fire.

you emptied your eyes of daybreak,
you spilled the night
into your veins,
now only my fire and smoke,
can kindle your desire,
only the pain of burning
can awaken your need,

you have fallen into me,
now your body is ablaze,
you have lost your wings of
and tumbled into the heat of
my breath
I am the sickness of your flesh
that will consume you to ash