Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taking My Pleasure

taking my pleasure.
taking you, with knives,
and fingers that scrape and
twist nipples and squeeze tits
and teeth that bite and rend,
taking my pleasure from nipples that harden,
on breasts that heave and tremble and bruise
with the lust,

taking my pleasure from you,
from your wet shaved cunt,
from your eager mouth
then taking my pleasure from the back,
with your black hair wrapped in my fist,
taking you up the ass till you scream and squirt.

taking my pleasure, holding you tied,
wrists roped, ankles bound,
taking your mouth filled with cum
taking your cunt drooling with cum
taking your sore ass  oozing with cum.

taking my pleasure,
whipping you, flogging you,
cropping you, caning you,
pulling your long black  hair, taking your cunt,
as you drip clear liquid down your leg,

taking you till you become pleasure,
till you ooze
till your nipples ache,
till your cunt throbs and leaks
till the heat of your lust
burns my prick as it enters you
till you cum.

taking my pleasure,
taking my pleasure from you.
till you cry
till you whimper,
till you beg,
till you submit
till you surrender
to my pleasure.