Friday, January 04, 2008

You Remained My Submissive.

by f-cynyr ©

Between the leather
and the stilettos,
the agony and the
waiting, through the longing
and the questing,
you remained my submissive.

Between the pain and the cane,
through the tears and the
training, bowed and on your knees,
you remained my submissive.

Between the shackles and the cuffs,
through the dungeons and the
darkness, your wanting eyes
pleading for more,
you remained my submissive.

Between your breasts and
your collar, through the spanking
and the floggings,
you whispered your obedience,
and remained my submissive

Between the nipple clamps
and the piercing, from the
swelling welts and the purpling bruises,
you crawled and begged,
and remained my submissive.

From the bites and the hair pulling
from the scratches to the cuts,
unwavering you followed,
and remained my submissive,

After the humiliation, after the facials,
after the whipping and the slapping,
you still opened to me,
and remained my submissive

After the binding and the caging,
after the oral and anal
you still clung to me
and remained my submissive.

After all the training,
after all the pain,
after all the beatings
after all the scenes
after it all, you allowed me
to be your dominant, and you
remained my submissive.