Thursday, November 06, 2008

I Gasp and Drew You In

My eyes cascade down
the flow of your neck
then clasps and suckles
the still pools of your breasts,
then streams down the smooth
Curve of your back,
To the shore line of
your hips

I gasp and drew you in,
embracing the dusty Vanilla
of your yielding body. I gulp
the dark cinnamon Of your
soothing legs That rock against
the clasping intake of my breath,
while fondling the whiffs of
Allspice and cloves
Of your earthy thighs,

your taste gushes into me
while the breeze of your eyes
disperses their vapors.
I linger on the stormy tang of
Your erect nipples.
The sweet mist of your
Hips and thighs dissolve agents
my tongues embrace and the sharp
billowing salt of your desire Fills
me as I move to the smoky
tart crease of your pungent Desire.

my mouth and eyes and breath
Feast on the dusty cinnamon and liquid vanilla
Of your curves and crevasses,
and devour the turbulence of
the heated blast of lips and thighs.

You twitch and melt,
As I swallow and gasp you in.
You dissolve and disperse
into my eyes and breath and mouth
as I fill my senses with your
Vision, and scent, and taste.