Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dark Angel

by f-cynyr ©


(Dark Angel)

I am your Dark Angel,
the one that has contorted
your hopes and twisted your
dreams, I am the one who
has ignited the flames and
burned them to ash
I have brought you the thorns
and delivered you to
your newfound passion
for the sweet sweet pain,

I have taken you from
the pallid light of your vanilla
life, I have carried you
into my consuming dark;
with my guiding hand you will
tumble into the flames of
my ardent licking fire

I will lift you in flight
and carry you
down into the rings
of your intimate inferno,
carry you to the ashen shores
of the River Acheron.

I am your Dark Angel,
and from your innocent,
pure flesh I will imprison
your soul, extract your
essence, the light of
your purity and in
the fires of my
need I will burn
your spirit as I violate
you with pain and agony.

You will be unable to hold back the
creeping darkness,
you will be the victim
of the terror of the unknown.

Your once silver dreams
of your shining life,
the once warm dappled sunlight
of your love,
my hands and lust will defile.
I will desecrate your white heart,
with passion and desire.
Your love has tumbled into
my night land and you have
fallen into the cage of my
imprisoning hands.

You have surrendered
to the pain of
my dark passions,
now I hold you in thrall
as I slowly blacken your

I have come to haunt
your dreams,
I have seeped into flesh,
and slowly tainted your heart
and have become an illness
in your blood.

Your struggle and
resistance melt when
burnt and blistered with
the blood flames of my
venomous lust. You have
succumbed to my darkness
and embraced my pain;
your body has discovered
its lust and you now find
submitting the only way.

From your shattered existence
from your broken life
you have bloomed into
the darkness and gloom,
Your future now is



My tormented sleep
and my haunted life were
lost in the colorless world,
numb and monotone, a life flat
and dull.

But the darkness has ripped me
split me apart, and now my eyes
have been cleansed by the flames
and purified by the pain.
The darkness has leaked in
and filled my failing heart.
I now savor the ache,
am aroused by the pain,

I hunger for you, my beast,
my Dark Angel,
my loins throb and grow weak and wet
at the thought of being
impaled on your horn.

My desire grows in the
dark, as my body
responds to the lash.
The need in my loins grows
to a fire that will ravage
me, and burn my spirit to ash;
a cremation of lust,
as I grovel and beg.

My lips drool for the darkness
throb and ache for you, my
Dark Angel.

You, Dark Angel, have shattered my
heart, ruined my
flesh, twisted my spirit
and now my innocence is a
memory, a moment of passing

An alien sky opens and foreign
stars beam down on my
pale Irish flesh;
the green of my eyes,
the emerald of my sight,
shine with the flames,
and my desperate soul
falls into the prison
of my Dark Angel’s hands.

I have fallen into the inferno
of pain,
I have fallen into the rings of
my servitude,
and with clamps and rods
leather and chains
with cuffs and rope,
with needles and wax,
with paddles and lash,
with floggers and whips,
with pain and torment,
I will surrender to the fate
of my Dark Angel’s hands.

My Dark Angel will stain
my soul,
rip it from my flesh, and
each bruise,
each mark
each wound
will bring me to my knees;
each thud and sting of his flogger
will open my aching lips,
will feed my overpowering
throb of lust;
each hurt and wound
will drive me to my knees,
drive me to worship
his swollen phallus.

He will lead me
on my journey through the
forbidden night land.

He will guide me through the blazing coals
of doom, help me
brave the flames of despair,
as I travel the plains of bitter ash,
and travel with him willingly as
he takes me thorough the burning
rings of my inferno. 


(Dark Angel)

I am your Dark Angel
come to deliver you,
come to take you on your
I am your Master who will
guide you through the wilderness,
guide you through the
night land of your heart.

I will take you to the
roots of your desire,
through the wasteland
of the dark, through the
desert of ash in the stifling
heat of the infernos’ rings
of fire.

Your old life will
be burnt away, your
old skin will blister and split
and in the circle of
my power you will slip out
of your old flesh and shake
off the flakes of your vanilla
life, and embrace the
forbidden flames,
embrace the forbidden lust
that has driven you to me.

I have brought your dark lovely
dreams in your sweating need,
dreams of pain and servitude,
dreams of chains and tears,
of bondage and leather,
tormenting dreams of slavery and longing,
of flesh and pleasure,
these I have brought to you
in your servitude to me.

I will transport you through
the black flames of the inferno,
I will guide you through the
ashen desert of bitterness
and the sea of despair.

Under an alien sky, I will
lead you to lie down on
the shores of the River Acheron, and
lead you to drink of grief and regrets,
and eat the golden fruits
of sorrow and dismay.

But the coals and flames
of my raging inferno
will burn away your past,
turn your abandoned life
to cinders,
and under my hand
you will pass through the
purifying flames, and emerge
whole and renewed.



My ruined eyes
gaze upon the
blackened shrine,
the bloodstained shrine.

My knees are raw,
my lips are sore from
kneeling in homage kneeling
to worship your fiery phallus.
It blisters my lips and fills
me with the manna of the gods,
my whole heart yearns,
my body aches.
I need your pain to hold me,
I need your sting to fondle me,
I need my back ravaged and used;
I need you to leave my body limp and spent.

My mouth hungers for
you, my Dark Angel,
my Malicious Angel.
I hunger for the blackened flame,
the singe and blister of the starving fire;
I hunger for your delirious taste,
I hunger for the torment of your embrace.

The fire longs for the taste of
my flesh, as my flesh longs
for the taste of the fire.
my Dark Angel I hunger for
your quenching flames
to complete me with your
loving ache and sting.


(Dark Angel)

The rage of flames,
the anger of fire,
bites and claws at your
emerging submission,
and in the clean light of
the flickering fire, you
will surrender to your loving
Dark Angel. The wings
that you had have been ravaged
and the wan light of your
emerald eyes torn away.

The darkness will break
your white Irish body,
it will destroy your frail
flesh; your old body
and life will flake away,
as I transport you through
the rings of your private

Through the lust and the surrender,
the pain and desire,
through the restraints and the passion,
the denial and the obedience,
through the beatings and the ecstasy
the submission and the slavery
through the discipline and the joy,
I will guide you to the sweet
exquisite pain of your submission.

I will take you to the deepest reaches
of your darkest self
and I will tether your soul
with cruelty and discipline.
I will pull you into the darkness
into the sweet perfume of the
forbidden and give you the
succulent taste of the forbidden fruits
of the inferno.

I will burn the shine from
your eyes, and savage your
angelic wings.
That part of your life will
die at the touch of
my hand, when you pass through
the flames and smoke-filled air,
and you will
endure the pain and you will
re-emerge from the dark fires,
changed, forever altered,
never to return to your pale
life again.



My Dark Lord, my Dark Angel
deliver me from the bitterness
of my world, from the
sting of my days;
I love only you, the bringer
of the nectar of agony,
and the grapes of pain.

Fill me with your darkness,
fill me with your pain,
your disciplining crop,
your dominating hands,
cast me from my world
and take me on a voyage
in a foreign land under an alien sky.

Your touching hand,
your gift of pain and hurt,
releases me from my prison
of grey, frees me from
a tasteless world,
breaks my shackles of boredom
and unlocks the fetters of monotony.

In your loving rage, pierce
thorough my grey shell;
awaken my soul with your
gift of pain;
awaken me with your torture,
enlighten me with your cruelty,
help me bloom
and I will cleave to thee
and worship thy stinging hand
and pray at the altar of
thy phallus.

With your leather and canes,
your claws and shackles,
I will serve as you imprison
my flesh
and free my soul to fly

My Dark Angle, I long for you,
this breathless night,
I wait for you to arrive,
to transport me from my doldrums,
from my wasted life, to carry me
through the wilderness
into the flames.

You have savaged my
wings of white with ropes
of rage and lust,
bound my limbs,
shackled my soul.


(Dark Angel)

I will lead you through the
flames; I will conduct you
to the rings of fire, where
we will wallow in the heat,
dance with the embers,
till we reach the purified
core, till we embrace the
ecstasy that the agony can be.



Dark Angel, lift me from this
life of ash and cinders,
lift me through the bitter air
and carry me to the center
through the veil and
through the walls,
through the contorted path
and denied history,
beyond the despair and
self loathing,
past the scars of choices
chosen and not chosen,
past denial and doubt,
through the aching longing
that has thrived in the deepest
recesses of my heart.

Dark Angel, with your mastery
deliver me from this bleak despair,
through the tasteless world of
ash and hopelessness.

Awaken me with fire and flame,
awaken me with pain and cruelty,
with hurt and ache,
awaken me with burn and sting,
with thrashings and whips,
awaken me with flailing and flogger,
with strap and cane,
awaken me with birch and switch.
Awaken me.

Awaken me to the vivid world,
the world of intensity, of the fierce
sharp feeling, of the forever world
beyond pain.

Beat me from this waste
of time,
this false world I wander;
set me afire, ignite every
nerve, shock me with your
bolt of power.

Awaken this flesh that has
grown weary and numb
of this false life I drag myself
through this life of ash,
this shallowness ,
that is a denial of what I am
and what I long for,
of what I must be.

Dark Angel, deliver me
from this despair,
I must traverse the flames,
descend through the rings
till beyond fire and terror,
beyond despair and grief,
where pleasure is pain
and pain is pleasure;
where the fire will
burn away the old life,
where the flames will
wash away the timidity,
the self doubt, the sorrow of denial
and the grief of repression.

My rebirth lies with you,
my rebirth lies in the inferno;
the rings of fire will
bathe me in darkness
bathe me in pain and I will
be reborn into leather and

I will be swallowed by the darkness,
tumbling into the infinite
pit, my body purified
by the inferno

My Dark Angel,
deliver me to my new Eden
my new promised land;
I beg you on bended knee.