Sunday, December 23, 2007

Your Uncommon Hunger

From the emptiness that you
Were, from the darkness
Of your desire,
From your secret yearning
Your body craved the pain.
In your deepest lust
In the depth of your passion
In the blindness of your need
Your body cried for the pain.

You stumbled through the
Light, staggered from day to day,
You tripped from bright into
The shadows of your yearning.
The ache in your spirit
The throb in your loins
Led you to hide from yourself
Led you into futile denial

The pounding behind your eyes
The wishes that you strangled,
The release that you denied,
You hid from your body,
You ran from your need.

Now it all comes so clear,
Now it all falls into place

The tenderness of your captivity
The longing bruises purpling
your back
The liberation of your submission
The affection of the flogger,
The loving irritation of the
Stinging cane

Your body and you hungered
For the warm bite of rope,
Your body and you collapse
Into your need
Torn and broken
You dance the sky
In your eyes
You offer your wrists
Frail and tender
You offer your wrists
To be cuffed and tied.

You are pulled into the hurt,
You are swallowed by the bliss
You fill yourself with the
Loving punishment,
And open your hidden need
To the pain of your passion.
You are whole now,
As you wrap yourself in
The darkness of your need
As you wrap yourself in the pain
Of your uncommon hunger.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Under My Spanking Hand

You squirm in the warmth
Of the reddening sting.
You twitch and tremble
Under my spanking hand,
While I, with practiced hands,
Hold you down,
Hold you steady.

The swoop and smack
Come swift and firm
As the burn seeps deep
into your reddening cheeks

Under rosy flesh
Muscle and sinew throb
Then loosen,
You relax and slowly
Turn to steaming liquid.

You wiggle, twist and writhe,
Knowing that disobedience
Will bring a thunderstorm
Of shuddering slaps.

You jerk and twitch,
Roll and quiver on
My rigid lap.
Your glowing
Cheeks beseech me
To tenderly caress
Their rising heat,
And test your
Soaking need.

You grow calm
As you grow moist,
Then wet, then drool.
A flush fills your
Face, your eyes
Glaze and sparkle
With stinging

My knowing hands,
Practiced and wise,
Caress and soothe
Then tease and toy.
Your mouth pouts,
Your eyes grow
Pained then tear.
Not from being spanked
But from my withholding of your
Stinging ecstasy.

Your mouth begs
For my hands to take you
And free you with
Their healing hurt,
To discipline you
Till your inner core
Gushes and your
Spirit trembles with

Friday, November 02, 2007

Mark Me

by f-cynyr ©

Mark me
make me a captive
with the ropes of
your voice,
open me with your mouth
and push me into
the prison of your hands.

Mark me
with the whips and clamps
of your lust
hurt me; with bruises and
swelling draw promises
across my back.

Mark me
burn my skin with
the heat of your need,
blister my passion,
singe my breasts with
your stinging slaps.

Mark me
with the imprint of your
hand and leather straps
bend me over, exposing
my dripping need,
then twist my nipples with
your pinching demands.

Mark me
from the beginning
of my bondage
to the core of my
peel the reason from
my love,
squeeze the appetite
from my thighs

Mark me
with your battering strokes
that swells my hunger
then draw red welts around
my tender longing

Mark me
with the cutting edge
of your cravings
tattoo yourself across
my aching surrender,
bring me to the depth
of your exquisite despair.

Mark me
with the sting of
your commands,
brand my obedience
with the black flame
of your heart of woe.

Mark me
beyond the bounds
of my flesh
tear the tender center
of my homage
and sear your print
into the yielding
plea of my eyes.

Mark me
as you blister
your brand across
my servitude,
carve your name
into my kneeling slavery.

Mark me
with the loving pain
of your dominance and
please, I beg you,
Mark me
with the iron
of your collar so
all will know
I am yours.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Hunger of Rope

by f-cynyr ©

the hunger of rope traverses
the needs of your flesh,
binds your desire and
quickens your descent
into submission.
the calm of captivity
unfetters your longing
and lures you to the
nucleus of your lust.

the yearning of rope traverses
savory skin, cinching
pulsing wrist to pulsing wrist,
manicaled you unfold, uncrease
and bloom into bondage.

the drudgery of your vanilla boredom,
peels away as the stinging
grasp of rope bites your
willing surrender then aches
you into your core of craving.
the shackles of your life
fall away and you splash
into the cauldron of your need

the fingers of rope slither across
alabaster breasts, tracing the
frail pulse of veins throbbing
under your dreams of bruises .

the tongue of rope
traverses your abandonment
licking stiffened nipples.
your breath gasps
as moist tongues bind tight,
pinching tender longing and
swelling hunger.
tied and cinched, roped and
knotted you tumble free
into the depths of your appetite

the hunger of rope devours
your thighs and legs, spreading
and holding them secure.
the scraping caress of
incessant rope traverses
hips and pelvis binding
the trembling hunger of
pink lips dewing before
their liquid discharge.
moored by rope, your
body releases its tide
that swells and crashes
on the sharp shoals of your hips

your body held taut,
mummified by loops
and braids that capture
submissive flesh, shackles
you in its hypnotic
tendrils, freeing you
to escape to your tao.

the rope hums its power
though your limbs and
eases you from the prison
of your body.
the hymn of rope pulls
you from your flesh,
and carries you safe
cradled in cuffs and ties,
swaddled in string and twine.
trapped by rope, your
inner ache revels in the
liberation of confinement

the biting touch of
rope delivers you from
despair, frees you from your
solitude of flesh.
tangled in bondage your
spirit soars to your dharma

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Inferno: Fire Play.

by f-cynyr ©

I am the darkness that
flows under your skin
I am the abyss of the hollow
of your eyes,

you were lost and nameless
in your flight,
through the blazing air
you tumbled into me,
you lost your luster,
and you lost your sight.

now in the blindness
of your flash,
you found yourself
in the heat of my breath

now your tender wings
are ablaze I burned them to
a cinder and you remain
blistered and scorched at the

it was the hunger in your
your blackened desire
that dragged you into me,
and it’s your burning thirst
that keeps you on your knees.

my kiss is combustible
my tenderest cures a flame,
you feel my sickness with every
fluttering touch, you feel
my disease with every fiery embrace.

my scorching fire brought
you soothing joy,
and the weeping of throbbing release
the blood and blisters on your
back are only a whispering for more.
now your flesh bathes in the flames
now your body embraces the fire.

you emptied your eyes of daybreak,
you spilled the night
into your veins,
now only my fire and smoke,
can kindle your desire,
only the pain of burning
can awaken your need,

you have fallen into me,
now your body is ablaze,
you have lost your wings of
and tumbled into the heat of
my breath
I am the sickness of your flesh
that will consume you to ash

Friday, August 10, 2007

Breath Control

by f-cynyr ©

I hold you wrapped in
the garrote of my hands,
I hold you captive in the
cage of my fingers.

desperate, you tug and pull,
struggling in your flight,
the darkness of my practiced hands
suffocate you into bliss

you fight for a thin breath,
you tremble and heave
and tatter the air with
your desperate jagged gasps.

I hold your golden air
in my throttling hands,
I hold your fragile light
twisted around smothering fingers.

you curl and thrash and pull,
desperate for rapture,
then, in the final moment,
you placidly slip away

trapped in the snare of
my flesh,
I pulled the light from
your chest
and cast you adrift,
your heart leaked away,
your lust sluiced out
into a throbbing sky
of blackened flames
and hollowed stars,

my throttling hands,
the tender ligature of my love
carried you out of yourself,
beyond your prison of flesh
to the exploding center
of your forbidden thirst.

my knowing hands
unravel you, spill you
out to the dark. the ropes
of my body choke heaven
into your eyes,
then in the golden moment
I coil you back.

I give you air and endless
sky as my hands cup your life,
and hold your breath in my grip
I hold the silver tendrils of your life
tangled in the fingers of my hands

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Gift of Flight

by f-cynyr ©

On your knees you knelt
at my feet and laid your
submission in my hands.
You begged for my loving discipline,
you begged for my punishing crop.

I saw your aching for my mastery,
I saw your craving for my chains,
your eyes pleaded and yearned
for your wrists to be tied,
they begged for my ropes
to hold you tight,
for my ropes to unshackle
your spirit and give you flight.

Your bruised lips parched for punishment
suckled on every little cruelty.
I know the hunger of your skin and
how it weeps for the soothing welts,
how it whimpers for the scars that
my tenderness will bring.

My dominance holds you enslaved,
I have chained you to my will.
My glance binds your hands
and holds you tight.
My voice encircles you tender neck and
holds stronger than any leather collar.

I know your craving for cuffs and
I know your surrender and
I understand your appetite for rope.
I know you hunger for my disciplining
hand, for the sting and thud of my
intimacy. I know you pray for the sternness
of my command, and the rule of
my cruelty.

You long for the pleasure of rope,
for the sweet unburdening of restraints.
You long for the tenderness of pain
and the luscious release that it brings.
I watch you in your frenzy lick
the punishing hand and
kiss the stinging crop.

I watch as you throb in helplessness,
begging to be taken.
I smile as you pray to me for
the whipping, I smile as you
lust for every stroke.

I showed you the mysteries
of your flesh,
I stroked you to your core,
I opened you, and led you
to your aching center.
I freed you with the slavery of
my chains. I captured your body
and then released your spirit with every
sting, setting you free with every loving strike.

I brought you passion with the burn
of every rope,
I brought you desire with every cut
and stinging welt,
I brought you to your hard limit
and held you as you tumbled then
flew into the abyss.

You knelt at my feet and laid
your submission in my hands
and begged for my loving discipline.
in return i gave you the gift of flight.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Cruelty Of My Heart.

by f-cynyr ©

Out of the broken sky
you tumbled into the solitude
of my mouth and imprisoning
hands. I have chained you to
my darkest need. Now, you are bound
to me by pain and blood, bound
to me by cruelty and tears.

I have savaged your wings,
and burnt the shine from your eyes.
Now I bind you into slavery,
shackle you into servitude.
Now I am your breath and the sound
of your beating heart.

You are the whimpering and the
tears, as I open the moist darkness
that is you, forcing you to descend into
my deepest need, using you to feed
my blackest craving, and still your
pleading mouth opens for more.

You lie cuffed and chained,
your body bleeding its submission,
I opened your tattered soul with my
rending hands. Your agony is my
ecstasy, as you surrender
to the cruel limits of my heart.

Your vacant eyes plead for
the wounds and scars that my
mouth will leave, your swelling
eyes plead for the loving damage
I will tattoo on your breasts.

Your fallen body, bruised
and cut, crawls into mine.
You weep despair at your final
surrender of servitude, as you
abandon the last piece of your
broken hope to the aching need
of my tainted heart.

You have faded beyond
the craving of your body,
you have fallen into my
lashing hands. Cuffed
and beaten, you leak away
the last light from your
starving eyes into the
darkest pools of my love.

With my leather and chains, I
bound your twisted wings. With my
ropes and whips I marred your
fallen flesh.

You no longer exist, you have
fallen into the torment of my hands,
you have fallen into the twisted
desire of my love. You have sunken
into the darkest depth of my lust,
into the consuming pit of my heart.

Now your servitude is mine, now
you are bound to me as the silver
light is bound to the moon, as the
darkness is bound to the night. Now
you are forever doomed to
the cruelty of my heart..

Saturday, April 07, 2007

You On Your Knees

by f-cynyr ©

You, on your knees
before me,
longing for my dominance,
craving my collar.
You beg for my hand
and ask for my discipline.

You on your knees,
craving my touch,
throbbing for the sting
and thud that releases.

You have handed me your
soul to tie and bind,
you crave the flogging,
you hunger for the lash
and every kiss of the falls.
You starve for the beating
and the freedom it brings.

You secured yourself
to my will and handed
me the tenderness of
your submission.
Now you are tied to my
chained to my command,
now you carry my mark.

You crave the pleasure,
you crave the pain,
your eyes whisper and
wanting the ropes,
wanting the restraints.

You whimper to be bound,
hands cuffed and tied,
you pray to my ropes
and leather hoping
that they will bite,
knowing that
the tighter you are bound,
the deeper you will fall.

Your body is mine to
bind and beat,
your body is mine to
spank and cane.

You crawled to me
and in your passion
kissed my feet,
filling your deepest need.
You lovingly submit
to every smack of my hand,
every lash of the flogger.
You crave every strike
and ask for more.

You are desperate to dive deeper,
but I haul you back,
save you from yourself,
hold you safe,
till next time you
come crawling.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Dom Responds to “Violate Me”

by f-cynyr ©

I will cuff you
and tie you
and use you as I please.
I will flog you
and cane you
and whip you into a frenzy.
I will take you
and break you,
I will bruise you
and brand you,
then tie you to my bed.
I will bind you and chain you.
I will strip you
and tease you and,
in time, consume you.

I will make you ache,
make you weep,
and then make you
grovel for more.
I will cane you
and smack you,
till you whimper,
then make you gasp,
till you ask to kiss
my hand.

I will dominate you
and keep you on your
knees and bend you
to my will.
You are my bottom,
to punish and slap,
I will paddle you to the
edge of your lust,
and then make you shed
all of your dignity.

You will kneel under
my golden shower
and bask in the
glow of your burning skin.
I will blindfold your trust
and pin your hunger
and feed you every
morsel of me,
till you have had your fill.

I will hold you captive
and violate you,
bind you and wrap
you in rope.
I will care for you,
and treasure you,
I will teach you my
desire and then lead you
to yours.

My whipping will release
you, my flogging set you free.
I will bind you and bruise you
and use you,
but always keep you safe.

I will take you,
and twist you and
spank you till you are
numb and sob.
I will flog you and smack you,
then take you from
the front, then flip you
and take you from the

I will own you and keep
you, I will rub your
desire, and fondle your
I will make you plead,
and bring you to your
You are mine to do with
as I wish, I will take you
and guide you, and
above all cherish you and
keep you safe;
because you belong to me.

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Agony Becomes Pleasure

by f-cynyr ©

In your frenzy, you pull
against the ropes that hold
you, and your eyes and mouth
plead for the punishment that
would bring you release.
Your limbs ache to be captured
and tamed with whips and lust.

You clench and unclench,
in begging to be beaten,
and I whip and flog and spank
till you tremble and spasm,
till you reach your precipice;
then the artful rubbing of my hand,
captures your succulent nub
and rubs and rubs.

Relentless, I keep you prisoner,
as you flood and spasm again and
again, the pain becomes pleasure
then pain again and you thrash
and twist to escape.

But my cuffs and rope
hold you victim, at the mercy
of my passionate rage,

I torture your sweet
pearl till the agony
becomes pleasure,
as you travel further
and deeper into space.

The fountain of your loins
gushes till my hand is slick
and the bed is soaked
and your body empties.

All you are is a clenching
throbbing nub and I release
you to float, then you return to
be nurtured and to
suckle at my loins.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sub Song

by f-cynyr ©

This My Master, is
my song to You.
I give to You
this hymn of love
and devotion.

I give to You
my most
precious possession.
I give to You
my gift of
obedience, of body,
mind and spirit.

I long for Your hand,
I long for Your whip.
Most of all,
I long for You.

Cuffed and at Your feet,
helpless and vulnerable,
I tremble for Your caress.
I long to swallow whatever
You give.

Bound and chained,
my body is Yours.
I stay open for You
waiting for You to fill me.

Stretched and tethered
and roped,
Your hand brings me pain,
Your hand brings me pleasure.

I render my spirit
to You,
I long for Your firmness,
and Your throbbing discipline.

Collared and leashed,
I crawl to You,
to sit at Your feet,
to be Your pet.

You bind my body
with chains and rope,
but You unfetter my
spirit, You set
me free.
My desire I give to You.
My servitude,
You hold in your hands.

I am on my knees
for You,
there is no ordeal
of flesh or spirit,
that I will not bear
for You.

All this I willingly
give, for
You are my master,
my One.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Being Yours

by f-cynyr ©

I like being yours
when you tell me
to suck you
while at the movies,

I become wet, and throb
then lean over ,unzip you,
and quickly suck you
into my eager mouth,
heart trembling,
cunt gushing
from the thrill of
maybe being cought….

and maybe from
knowing I have no
choice but to obey.

I like being yours
when suddenly,
you bend me over,
and quickly push your
stiff cock into
my glistening cunt….

and I have no power
to say no, and
no will to resist.

I like being yours
when you use me.
I like being yours
when you bind me,
and hold me captive
to your will.
most of all
I like being yours
because I know
you are mine.