Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Cruelty Of My Heart.

by f-cynyr ©

Out of the broken sky
you tumbled into the solitude
of my mouth and imprisoning
hands. I have chained you to
my darkest need. Now, you are bound
to me by pain and blood, bound
to me by cruelty and tears.

I have savaged your wings,
and burnt the shine from your eyes.
Now I bind you into slavery,
shackle you into servitude.
Now I am your breath and the sound
of your beating heart.

You are the whimpering and the
tears, as I open the moist darkness
that is you, forcing you to descend into
my deepest need, using you to feed
my blackest craving, and still your
pleading mouth opens for more.

You lie cuffed and chained,
your body bleeding its submission,
I opened your tattered soul with my
rending hands. Your agony is my
ecstasy, as you surrender
to the cruel limits of my heart.

Your vacant eyes plead for
the wounds and scars that my
mouth will leave, your swelling
eyes plead for the loving damage
I will tattoo on your breasts.

Your fallen body, bruised
and cut, crawls into mine.
You weep despair at your final
surrender of servitude, as you
abandon the last piece of your
broken hope to the aching need
of my tainted heart.

You have faded beyond
the craving of your body,
you have fallen into my
lashing hands. Cuffed
and beaten, you leak away
the last light from your
starving eyes into the
darkest pools of my love.

With my leather and chains, I
bound your twisted wings. With my
ropes and whips I marred your
fallen flesh.

You no longer exist, you have
fallen into the torment of my hands,
you have fallen into the twisted
desire of my love. You have sunken
into the darkest depth of my lust,
into the consuming pit of my heart.

Now your servitude is mine, now
you are bound to me as the silver
light is bound to the moon, as the
darkness is bound to the night. Now
you are forever doomed to
the cruelty of my heart..