Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Dom Responds to “Violate Me”

by f-cynyr ©

I will cuff you
and tie you
and use you as I please.
I will flog you
and cane you
and whip you into a frenzy.
I will take you
and break you,
I will bruise you
and brand you,
then tie you to my bed.
I will bind you and chain you.
I will strip you
and tease you and,
in time, consume you.

I will make you ache,
make you weep,
and then make you
grovel for more.
I will cane you
and smack you,
till you whimper,
then make you gasp,
till you ask to kiss
my hand.

I will dominate you
and keep you on your
knees and bend you
to my will.
You are my bottom,
to punish and slap,
I will paddle you to the
edge of your lust,
and then make you shed
all of your dignity.

You will kneel under
my golden shower
and bask in the
glow of your burning skin.
I will blindfold your trust
and pin your hunger
and feed you every
morsel of me,
till you have had your fill.

I will hold you captive
and violate you,
bind you and wrap
you in rope.
I will care for you,
and treasure you,
I will teach you my
desire and then lead you
to yours.

My whipping will release
you, my flogging set you free.
I will bind you and bruise you
and use you,
but always keep you safe.

I will take you,
and twist you and
spank you till you are
numb and sob.
I will flog you and smack you,
then take you from
the front, then flip you
and take you from the

I will own you and keep
you, I will rub your
desire, and fondle your
I will make you plead,
and bring you to your
You are mine to do with
as I wish, I will take you
and guide you, and
above all cherish you and
keep you safe;
because you belong to me.

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Agony Becomes Pleasure

by f-cynyr ©

In your frenzy, you pull
against the ropes that hold
you, and your eyes and mouth
plead for the punishment that
would bring you release.
Your limbs ache to be captured
and tamed with whips and lust.

You clench and unclench,
in begging to be beaten,
and I whip and flog and spank
till you tremble and spasm,
till you reach your precipice;
then the artful rubbing of my hand,
captures your succulent nub
and rubs and rubs.

Relentless, I keep you prisoner,
as you flood and spasm again and
again, the pain becomes pleasure
then pain again and you thrash
and twist to escape.

But my cuffs and rope
hold you victim, at the mercy
of my passionate rage,

I torture your sweet
pearl till the agony
becomes pleasure,
as you travel further
and deeper into space.

The fountain of your loins
gushes till my hand is slick
and the bed is soaked
and your body empties.

All you are is a clenching
throbbing nub and I release
you to float, then you return to
be nurtured and to
suckle at my loins.