Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Sound of Your Body

by f-cynyr ©

your smooth curves
that flow between
glances fill the air
as my hands unfurl
the sound of your body.
your sea opens and surges
as my fingers drink in
the silver of your eyes.

the savannas of your voice
heave and roll, then
flow me from colour to sound
as the muffled fathoms of
my hands hold the multitude of you
in soft enfolding palms, as your
breasts and eyes calm
the earth to liquid.

the frailty of your sighs
drift me from texture back
to sound as the vision of my
touch swims the gold
of your desire.

your cresting waves
lift me from sound to motion
as the grace of your hips
undulates your body from texture
to vision, and fills the air with spice,
as my drifting arms encircle
the aqua tide of your lips.

the taste of each breath
draws me to your depth,
then you gasp me in
and stroke me from scent
to substance, as my body climbs
the light of your surrounding sea.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Touch of Your Look

by f-cynyr ©

When I stood within arm’s
reach and you, your eyes
soft and whispering to my
lips, your hands gently touched
me, singing their joy and flutter
as they travel my length and warmth.

When I moved vanishing
that small infinite distance
between you and my trembling
need, I have to capture and bind my
breath that threatens to surround
and swallow you in a moment
of mouths and arms.

When I stood in the binding
of your sight, the touch of your look
swallowed my timid desire . Your arms
imprisoned the trepidation of my lips,
and the hymn of your pressing fingers
folded me forever into you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Tast of You

by f-cynyr ©

Devouring the fruits of you with
the mouth of my eyes, you cascade
your silver onto the trembling tongue
of my hands as my lips carve
the language of your body.

The rhythm and chords of
your need spills their ropes
of braided light along my arms,
as I reach through the air into
the waves of your desire.

Calling across the vastness
of the moment, the salt
of your breasts spice
the hunger of my eyes.

I hold you in my circle
of tongue and fingers, until
the final cresting of your release
and your silver cascades onto
the parched ache of my solitude

Thursday, May 07, 2009


by f-cynyr ©

My hands and mouth
hunger their path along
the pilgrimage and lines of
your atoning body, as you
open to my enthralled homage.

Your flesh gasps as my
praying fingers enter
the angeling of your needs,
holding them enraptured
for moments on end.

i capture the consecrated
cravings and host of
your passions as you
hold your moist sacrament
to the Eucharist of my desire.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Devouring You

by f-cynyr ©

My eyes cascade down
the flow of your neck
then clasp and suckle
the still pools of your breasts,
then stream down the smooth
curve of your back,
to the shoreline of
your hips.

I gasp and draw you in,
embracing the dusty vanilla
of your yielding body.
I gulp in the dark cinnamon
of your soothing legs
that rock against the clasping
intake of my breath, each heaving
gulp fondling the whiffs of
allspice and cloves
of your earthy thighs,

Your taste gushes into me
while the breeze of your eyes
disperse their vapors,
and I linger on the stormy tang of
your erect nipples.
The sweet mist of your
hips and thighs dissolve against
my tongue’s embrace,
as the sharp billowing salt of your
desire fills me as I move to the smoky
tart crease of your pungent desire.

My mouth and eyes and breath
feast on the dusty cinnamon and liquid
vanilla of your curves and crevasses,
and devour the turbulence of
the heated blast of lips and thighs.
You twitch and melt,
as I swallow and gasp you in.
You dissolve and disperse
into my eyes and breath and mouth
as I fill my senses with your
vision and scent and taste.