Tuesday, April 28, 2009


by f-cynyr ©

ouch, ooow
ouch, yes sir,
again please sir.

thud, flinch,
breathe in,
breathe out,

empty yourself,
empty yourself,
breathe, inhale, hold

thud, smack,
between strokes
between the pain

ouch ooow,
find the rhythm
inhale, hold

focus ,find the
that place,
that special place
float out
between gasps,
between breathes.

ouch, ooow
ouch, yes sir,
again please sir.

linger in the haze,
between waves
breathe in hold
breathe out

thud, sting,
breathe in the pain
white explosion,
breathe out the clutter

red burning,
breathe in the pain,
breathe out the tedium
breathe in the calm
breathe out
the barbs of the day

thud, smack, burn
focus on the pain
breathe in
focus on the pain
breathe out,

welts bloom,
bouquets of thorns
between strokes
let the quiet bloom,
breathe in
embrace the silences,
embrace the Peace,
breathe out
let the quiet bloom
between thuds
between the waves,

ouch awoo
ride the tide of pain,
drift in the the tide
breathe in
breathe out

embrace the waves,
drift into the ache
find the calm
beyond the storm,
beyond the pain.

ouch, ooow,
ouch, yes sir,
again please sir.

ouch oooow , aaaawwww
breath in,
drift away
tumble into the sea,
breathe out
beyond only
the vast soothing sea

ou ch aaaaw
embrace the waves
drift away,
away into the sea,
the soothing sea.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Exquisite Pain Of Submission

by f-cynyr ©

The exquisite pain
of submission,
carries your body
to Paradise,
as you tumble into
your agonized Eden.

You longed for the
suffering that would
release your mind,
you embraced the hurt
that frees you from the
shackles of your flesh.

You tremble and
quiver with each
firm smack, you sigh
with each lick of the

Your nether lips moisten
and swell with the sharp
slaps to your ass.
Nipples stiffen and harden
from the fiery bite of clamps
that brings tears to your eyes.

Blindfolded and bound,
you fall through subspace,
into the Nirvana of bondage.

You surrendered your
flesh, you gave away
your body, for the release
of the sacred sting.

You have fallen
for the loving hurt.
You surrendered to
my bonds, to the tender
kiss of my private torture.

Your eyes know the
intimacy of pain,
your heart knows the
romance of cuffs and chains.

The exquisite pain of
Submission enraptures you,
unshackles your soul,
as your body embraces
The bouquets of pain.

The pain and hurt
lifts you from the
monotony of your life,
frees you to soar
In the Nirvana sky.

You have embraced the
freedom of servitude
and found the exquisite
pain of submission
as you kneel before your

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Darkness of Your Heart

by f-cynyr ©

( a pro-log to the river acheron)

The darkness of your heart
has eclipsed your life,
it has twisted your dreams.
All the old yearning of
your once pale life
has been swept away,
burnt to ash by your
new love of pain,
by your newfound passion
for the sweet sweet pain

You tried to stem the
the creeping darkness,
holding it shackled, locked
away in the dungeon of your
heart; you tried to deny
your dark passion, you tried
to renounce your secret love.

You try to turn from the darkness
to travel back to the light,
but the darkness of your heart
haunts your dreams,
the darkness dominates your will.
It has turned your soul to pain,
so you weep and wail.

Confused about the root of
your desire, trembling
about the direction of
your lust. You weep for your
lost life and fear where
the darkness is dragging you.

The sweet perfume of the forbidden
fills you with lust, and your twisted
dreams of tortured bodies
carries you out of your quiet life
to the dirty secret that you cherish

The darkness of your heart has taken
you, you have been led astray
you have been consumed, swallowed
by the night, you have lost any
hope of day.

You now are possessed, only
whips and chains can bring you
joy, only cuffs and bondage can
lift you from your despair.

The quiet of your life has been
tortured, you will never be the same,
the darkness of your heart
has taken your life,
your darkened dreams have
stolen your joy.

The darkness has dimmed your
vision, turned your world
from day to night.
The darkness has upset your
pleasures, has turned your joy
to pain, and your pain to joy

The darkness has broken you,
you have to abandon that
pale shattered life,
leave the ones you once loved
because now you are doomed to
wander in the night land,
doomed to inhabit the dark.

You grieve the passing of your
once placid life,
now you turn to the thorns,
now you embrace the aches and
pains that promise to quench your thirst.

You have shed your skin,
abandoned the pale life you
once lived.
Now you search for your
Promised Land.
Now you want to eat the grapes
of pain, and become drunk on the nectar
of torment.

The darkness of your heart
has led you astray,
you have abandoned your past
and ventured into the unknown.
You have traversed the flames
and entered the forbidden land.

Now you wander the nightland
in the uncharted darkness,
traveling the path of pain,
suffering for your desire.
You have embraced the
darkness of your heart.

You have had a taste of thorns
and savored the ache,
now you have the hunger
that will take a lifetime
to satiate.
You have fallen into
the darkness of your heart,
you have been consumed,
your old life burnt away
your old skin shed

Now you wander the nightland,
you wander the desolate
shores of the river Acheron,
searching to fulfill your desire
of the darkness of your heart.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Cupits Lash

by f-cynyr ©

the sting of Cupids lash
has bound your hart
shackled your spirit,
and compels you to kneel
under its spell.

Cupids lash, its sting of
love, has opened new worlds
dark and dangerous, new
boundaries to flutter across
in the wincing of loves
bruising affection.

Cupid your new disciplining
Master binds your heart
with stinging string and holds
your panting breath
in the irons of slavery.

Cupids tongue
a burning caress as
you tumble to the heights
and depths of your darkened
desire. heart and soul,
pierced and bleeding in
Cupids rough cut of
affection, as you take the
needles and lashes of
your darling tormentor.

a dark hurting beast with
claws and clamps fangs and
floggers, and you open
your thighs for your sadistic
Cherub, and his stinging straps.

your winged love is dark and twisted,
strikes with the hurts of love,
draws your tears, and brings you
the communion of ache and agony,
for falling under his tortuous spell.

Cupid cuts the wounds of love,
lacerates your heart, as you tumble
under his lash,
each loving stroke enslaves your body
each woe, each tear, releases your spirit.

on your knees, you have fallen
to the will of Cupids power,
on your trembling knees,
your blackened lips open to
receive the darling Cherubs burning dart.

Cupids lash has captured your heart.
under the power of the sting
of that sweet Cherubs love,
under the power of his
will, you have submitted
and surrendered. Surrendered to
the cruelty of Cupids lash.