Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Domination of Black

by f-cynyr ©

I have fallen, tumbled to
the domination of black, coming
face to face with the beast within.
I had to confront my desire
understand its shape,
give it its name

I pondered the motives,
I wondered about the right,
wrung my hands in anxiety
was paralyzed by doubt.

It has left me without the roses,
has left only the thorns,
the confusion of light and
dark, the eternal struggle
left me drained and
gasping in despair,

I didn’t ask for this,
I never chose,
but the domination of black
has me in its throes

I fell into the dark
wrapped the long tendrils
of night around the
shoulders of my aching

The darkness ate into me
leaving the blackest cavity,
and now when my
hands reach to caress
it’s with a touch that stings.

This discord bent the
world, sunk the sun,
so I walked in shadows
thrown by the dark.

I steadied my hand
rejected my need
and found in denial
a desert of woe,
in my denial I
fell into a world of
dust and ash.

I didn’t ask for this,
I never chose, but
the domination of Black
has me in its throes

I turned my back on
Charon, I refused to
get in his ship to
cross the River Acheron.

I feared the unholy voices
that rose from the other side,
that in lamentations
beckoned and pleaded

But the terror closed my ears,
I was lost in the dark,
stumbling blind through the

The panic in my chest
thrashing behind my eyes
I tried to reject the dark
I desperately tried to
regain the light.
but in my despair I stumbled
in the wilderness,
and fell upon the river shore.

I struggled within,
I tore myself apart,
trying to understand
trying to come to grips,
I was a reluctant passenger
on a voyage I did not start.

I trembled at first
turned from the urge
but now the domination
of black has brought me
to where I belong.

The darkness seeped into my
eyes, the night ran through my
veins, the grip of darkness
brought me to my knees.

I turned from the light
and leapt into the river,
and swam to the other side

The light is waning, the
darkness has swallowed me
and I have been consumed,
I didn’t ask for this,
I never chose, but
the domination of Black
has me in its throes.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Liquid of My Hands

by f-cynyr ©

Lost between the gasp
and the curve of your
heave, I found myself
in the whisper of hips,
you unfold in the moment
of broken light and unravel
the secret sound
of I in you.

The hunger of your body
devours my moments.
In the heavy stagnant
air you rise from my bed
of thorns, bleeding,
red rivulets drizzling
there course along the
tenderest part of
your body.

you hold your
submission close
so I can sip from those
delicate streams of red.
I drink my fill till my need
is heavy and bloated .

I become tangled in
the moment, trip
and tumble into the
thick steaming taste
Of you.

I hold you down with
the hunger of my eyes.
you collapse, enthralled
watching my engorged desire
sway as I move and bind
your wrists and ankles,
with the softest of touches.

I blind you, steal your sight
so that only what I allow
reaches through the murk
and captures your body.

You lapse into the darkness
then into the pain,
as I torture your solitude,
you arch and thrust
half in escape, half in

Your body reddens
you grow into a stillness
beyond yourself beyond
the agony I deliver.

The deluge comes, a quick
cascade of blazing sensation,
a release beyond surrender
and then just the
throbbing twitching calm,

And you lay tender,
bound, and blind,
drifting in your blue blue
Sea, in the liquid of my

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Touching Your Hips

by f-cynyr ©

I know touching your
hips, that in ages hence,
someone beyond me will
reside in the summer green
of your eyes.

And they will, like me now,
be touching your hips with
wishes on their breath and
allure in their mouth.

And like me, they will drift
in the folds of your body and
ride the puffing billows
of your warmth.

And I will ache, when ages hence,
my hands will be empty
of the heat and form that
my palms and fingers now
decode and solve.

And ages hence, the cavity of
your absence will throb in my
collapsing chest and I will be lost
in the vastness of my future without
the buoyancy of your breath and
the promise of your hips.