Thursday, July 24, 2008

You Fell Into Me

by f-cynyr ©

You fell into me
all hands and lips.
In an instant your mouth
memorizes my body
and I am consumed in
the pores of your flesh.

The tender pads of my
fingers travel the lines
and angles of your
torso and trace your
history from
collarbone to nipple

I stumble into the rapid
slide down your anointed
skin, to the folds of your
sharp pelvis.

I tumble onto you, hands
and eyes pulling
and pressing parts
of you to parts of me.

You fall into me to
be consumed by
breath and arms and
my parched gulping mouth.

In a moment of hands
and lips you are devoured
till only a fragrant wisp of
vanilla lingers
on my palms and neck
and in the pores of my
starving flesh.