Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Sorrowing Selkie.

The light of the
tides from my selkies
as she mourns
the loss of her skin.

despairing at the edge
of the reaching sea,
anxious to reclaim
what she lost,
and is rightful hers,

her urgencie mounts,
she grows restless,
moving from sea
to land,
leaking from the thousand wounds
inflicted by the holder
of her skin, and fate.

her green eyes
weep an ocean
sobbing for the
return of her skin

heart wrenched by
the world, and a
cruel master.

my selkie weeps ,
and seeks her hidden skin.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


by f-cynyr ©

A sliver of silver seeps
between the shadowed edges
of blind and window,
silvering your
round, heaving breasts
as I fondle and
toy with an engorged nipple.

I lay awake in this
glow of night and
watch as
you rustle and twist
in your passion,
as your tormented
body is drawn
to my sliding
hands and probing

In the silent, shrouded
you moan and whimper
in your aroused, thin
your thighs dream of me,
of my hands and mouth and body,
as your pelvis tilts with
wishes of lust and
wet throbbing hope.

Your eyes rapidly
dance under frail lids,
as you push your wet
dream against me
and I, stiff and inflamed,
enter you and your fantasy.
You moan and expel
a breath in the midst of
undulating blankets as
the aroma of musk

Just the other side of
you franticly jerk and thrash,
quickening your fall
over the precipice
till breath and dreams

In the warmth
and pause of release,
sleep’s tendrils pull
you deeper,
back to your nether
world of wet repose
and throbbing urgencies.

The silver sliver
of light along the
edge of the blind spills
onto your ripe silver
breasts; I cup and gently
pinch erect nipples,
and my hands whisper
dreams to your thighs
as my fingers probe
promises into you,
as you throb and leak
in another of your
incubus haunted

Friday, August 18, 2006


by f-cynyr ©

My hands flutter and flit
over the skin of your trembling
my fingers slide along your pulsating skin
whispering the darkest wish of each
curve and crevasse.

The heaving and swelling of
your swollen breasts,
lustful, fall and
Engorged nipples erect, crimson and inflamed,
murmur there thirst
for lips and release.

I twist and pull,
as you hitch your
quivering breath,
and arch, then gasp,
and melt into the solitude of my hands.

The flesh of your thighs
trembles as my fingers
trace the words of your privet longing,
and continue in there pilgrimage
up the tenderest skin of your thigh,
and you surrender to your most
intimate hunger.

Your eyes flutter, then roll back,
and your pelvis tilts forward
beseeching my fingers and hand
to open the deepest bliss
within, to give voice to your concealed

Lips pouting and crimson,
glistening with you urgent desire,
open with
throbbing anticipation,
begging and praying for
the rub and push, that would give
release to all your pent up

Hungering for hands and fingers to give you
voice to release the
secrets of your smouldering body,
and free your darkest lust.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Face Fuck

by f-cynyr ©

The glistening ‘O’ of
your mouth
surrounds me,
and slowly, inevitably,
moves along my length,
until you have taken me
completely and I have become
part of you.

I tremble with the
moist petting and caressing of
your serpentine tongue,
as you travel along my
smooth shaft, gently, lovingly,
swirling its length to the purple tip of my

You fold your mouth,
and desire along the ridged
inflamed expression
of my longing.
Your lips and tongue
push me out,
then quickly suck me back,
as you rhythmically bob
from swollen tip to
ridged base and back to the tip
of my drooling shaft.

Your heated and hooded eyes
sparkle with desire and
glint with consuming lust,
as they softly gaze up
through stray red curling
wisps of hair.
As you ravishingly devour my
building need,
one delicate white hand
clasps me
at my base, holding me firm in your
intent, your other hand
floats lower to
satiate your own swollen and salivating appetite.

In unison, hand and mouth
mount to the precipice,
until the overwhelming
tightening of me
releases the feral force and I
savagely, brutally, tangle my
hands in your hair, preventing
escape and, demanding a
primal response,
slam my quivering,
pelvis into your

Drool and lust lubricate your glistening
as your need opens to my pounding
and your hand fondles your
swollen crease and rubs your nub of desire,
as again and again,
I pound and thrust into
your consuming mouth.

Your eyes roll back,
you travel inward to
your primal core,
your body trembles and quakes,
between your fierce snorting,
and hoarse grunts
as you now urgently drive your
face into my groin;

opening to tumble me
into the deepest part of you,
yearning to capture and swallow my
sap, my very liquid

Hand and mouth blur
as you tremble over
the edge,
your body twitching
and heaving as your
opens and takes me
Primal grunts as you gulp
me down,
capturing and swallowing
my being, my very self,
as you tumble into
your own liquid essence and spasming
flood, as your other ‘O’
throbs and clenches open and closed,
open and closed, in mounting

The ‘O’ of your mouth holds
as your tongue pets and strokes
the softening length of
my passion,
till flaccid,
and your ocean of waves,
subsides to a placid sea,
you satisfied, and I drained.

You release me with
a soft pop,
and smile, as your tongue
flicks to the corner
of your glossy bow lips and
licks away the last
remnants of
our elemental

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Limets of the Heart

by f-cynyr ©

Your gift of skin to me
was beyond the desire of rope,
You, bruised and bloodied, whispered
my name, and draw me into
your pain and sorrows .
You came to me broken,
searching to be whole.
You longed for my hand,
and for the discipline that
you knew I had

Your eyes and mouth whispered
their longing ,and
their secret agonies.
They sang for
my loving cruelty.
You poured your sorrow into
my hands ,
and let me touch your intimate grief.
You gave me your skin, and then
you gave me your misery.

You poured your body
into my hands, and I plunged
them deep into your cruellest nightmare.
Your eyes winced with the flick
and crack of desire and anguish.
And in that twist of agony
you surrendered to me.

The cruelty of my body
whispered to yours, as each welt
the moment of my gift.
Now your heart yearns for my hand
that wields the whip.

Your bruises whimper for love,
your passions bleed their hunger for
the hurts that turn the heart,
and tortured caresses
that swells the flesh.
You mouth the words
of surrender,
beyond the limits of the heart.

You came to me broken inside,
you gave to me your skin.
You longed for my hand
and my discipline.
You longed for my darkness
and the cruelty of my heart.
And now in your surrender
you are bound to me
beyond pain, and
the limits
of the heart.