Saturday, June 09, 2007

Gift of Flight

by f-cynyr ©

On your knees you knelt
at my feet and laid your
submission in my hands.
You begged for my loving discipline,
you begged for my punishing crop.

I saw your aching for my mastery,
I saw your craving for my chains,
your eyes pleaded and yearned
for your wrists to be tied,
they begged for my ropes
to hold you tight,
for my ropes to unshackle
your spirit and give you flight.

Your bruised lips parched for punishment
suckled on every little cruelty.
I know the hunger of your skin and
how it weeps for the soothing welts,
how it whimpers for the scars that
my tenderness will bring.

My dominance holds you enslaved,
I have chained you to my will.
My glance binds your hands
and holds you tight.
My voice encircles you tender neck and
holds stronger than any leather collar.

I know your craving for cuffs and
I know your surrender and
I understand your appetite for rope.
I know you hunger for my disciplining
hand, for the sting and thud of my
intimacy. I know you pray for the sternness
of my command, and the rule of
my cruelty.

You long for the pleasure of rope,
for the sweet unburdening of restraints.
You long for the tenderness of pain
and the luscious release that it brings.
I watch you in your frenzy lick
the punishing hand and
kiss the stinging crop.

I watch as you throb in helplessness,
begging to be taken.
I smile as you pray to me for
the whipping, I smile as you
lust for every stroke.

I showed you the mysteries
of your flesh,
I stroked you to your core,
I opened you, and led you
to your aching center.
I freed you with the slavery of
my chains. I captured your body
and then released your spirit with every
sting, setting you free with every loving strike.

I brought you passion with the burn
of every rope,
I brought you desire with every cut
and stinging welt,
I brought you to your hard limit
and held you as you tumbled then
flew into the abyss.

You knelt at my feet and laid
your submission in my hands
and begged for my loving discipline.
in return i gave you the gift of flight.