Saturday, April 07, 2007

You On Your Knees

by f-cynyr ©

You, on your knees
before me,
longing for my dominance,
craving my collar.
You beg for my hand
and ask for my discipline.

You on your knees,
craving my touch,
throbbing for the sting
and thud that releases.

You have handed me your
soul to tie and bind,
you crave the flogging,
you hunger for the lash
and every kiss of the falls.
You starve for the beating
and the freedom it brings.

You secured yourself
to my will and handed
me the tenderness of
your submission.
Now you are tied to my
chained to my command,
now you carry my mark.

You crave the pleasure,
you crave the pain,
your eyes whisper and
wanting the ropes,
wanting the restraints.

You whimper to be bound,
hands cuffed and tied,
you pray to my ropes
and leather hoping
that they will bite,
knowing that
the tighter you are bound,
the deeper you will fall.

Your body is mine to
bind and beat,
your body is mine to
spank and cane.

You crawled to me
and in your passion
kissed my feet,
filling your deepest need.
You lovingly submit
to every smack of my hand,
every lash of the flogger.
You crave every strike
and ask for more.

You are desperate to dive deeper,
but I haul you back,
save you from yourself,
hold you safe,
till next time you
come crawling.