Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Turned to Stone

My vision made you kneel,
but the passion of my hands
circled your neck,
then roughly pushed you prone.

You twisted and bucked,
enough for me to ride the
tide of your body,
hard enough to have you crash against
the jagged rocks of me.

My coarse ropes enslaved
your ankles and wrists
the knots of my cruelty bit
into your body, as my rough love
chaffed away your old life.

You grew tender and became
lost in my gift of pain
as i turned to stone

The claws of my rage raked
the darkness of your flesh
till wounds leaked tears
and you fell to your knees.

You opened and drew me in,
your mouth devouring me,
turning me to stone.

the lashes of my crop
branded your flesh with bites, flayed
your skin from bone, and spirit.

The simple sight of you
captured in the darkness of my
iris, held in the dungeon of my being,
again turned me to stone.

The pungent curve of your hips,
and salt tang of your breasts,
enraptures as my beating passion
entered you, and your slick
coral lips began to flow.

Your body become a fountain,
you leaked and splashed
trying to pull from my grasp, but
I bound you with cruelty,
enthralled you with suffering,
till you cascaded into my hands,
and i turned to stone.

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